South Shore Psychiatry provides psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis and psychopharmacology services for children, adolescents and adults. Medications do not cure psychiatric disorders. However, they can play an important role in managing symptoms of many psychiatric disorders. The first step to determine if an individual may benefit from a pharmacologic intervention is to establish an accurate diagnosis through a thorough psychiatric evaluation. To schedule an appointment for an evaluation, please call South Shore Psychiatric Services at 781.837.8833.


Psychiatric Evaluation: A thorough evaluation will be conducted to establish an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for each individual.

Psychopharmacology Services: Evaluation and ongoing medication management will be provided for individuals with psychiatric disorders. Clients will receive in-depth education about the risks and benefits of medication management, as well as alternative treatments that are available. Referrals for psychotherapy will be made to collaborating clinicians as needed.


Consultation Services

Primary Care & Mental Health Providers: Confirmation of diagnosis and establishment of a psychopharmacology treatment plan, as well as ongoing consultation as complications arise with individual clients.

Educational and Legal Professionals: Educational seminars can be arranged from 1 hour to 1 day in length. They are offered for professionals who interact with children and adolescents with psychiatric disorders. Individual consultation about specific cases may also be arranged.

Psychopharmacology Supervision Group: Group supervision will be provided on a monthly basis for clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners and other professionals who want to learn more about the use of medications in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. Individual supervision and training may also be arranged.


Training will be provided for physicians and nurse who want to break into the world of pharmaceutical-sponsored clinical trails. A consultant will come to your office, provide you with a start-up plan with everything you need to know: feasibility of the office space to conduct research, marketing, developing budgets and negotiating contracts, recruiting research patients, and staff training to conduct a clinical trial will be provided.